About Me

My Name is Lisa, and yes, just like you, I am Unique and Gifted.

Skilled Trainer

A certified Personal Trainer, Lisa has worked in the South Bay for more than 20 years as a professional. She began her career as a Track & Field Coach at UNLV before transitioning into fitness and group exercise instruction. A track & field athlete herself, Lisa attended the University of Texas at Arlington where she trained for the 1996 US Olympic trials.

Lisa earned a BA from the University of Texas at Arlington in Exercise and Sport Studies and has Personal Trainer Certifications from NCEP, NESTA, CF L1. Lisa is a 200-hour E-RYT and holds many group exercise certifications for yoga sculpt, indoor cycling, and HIIT. During her professional career, she has trained many professional athletes WTA, NFL, NBA in speed, strength, agility, and conditioning.



Creation of a space where everyone feels they belong and can be their authentic self.


Encourage and insist that every participant be their raw self.



Open the floor for discussion about isolating and exclusive experiences of the participants, where everyone can share and relate.


A space where everyone who comes to Lisa will know that she genuinely cares about them and why they are where and who they are.